Does your liver need detoxing?

While there are lots of liver detox programs around, if you eat from this list of 19 superfoods, your liver will be in a permanent state of cleanse!

As it states in the great website, Healthy Holistic Living:

Don’t detox – create a natural detox diet

Thinking is now beginning to turn to the fact that eating a proper well balanced, healthy, nutritious diet is a better alternative to forced, crash detoxing. Let your liver do the job it is designed to do; i.e. filter all the toxins out of your bloodstream, and separate them from the food and drink that you consume through the production of bile and your natural digestive function; a wholly crucial part of any holistic health lifestyle.

Great foods to include in your constant detox diet

Eating the right foods is key, so here is a list of foods you can include in a diet that will promote a wholly natural, and perpetual cleanse of your liver.

See what you should be eating…


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