Zumba burned 600 calories!

I love Zumba classes. I know it’s a big gym craze, but I love it. When I wore a monitor to a recent class, I burned 600 calories – and there were definitely people in the class (men and women) who took the intensity up way higher than I did! This report from the Huffington Post compares the calorie burn of Zumba and Salsa. But if you’re getting some Salsa in your Zumba, that seems like the best of both worlds to me!!

With Zumba classes now available in gyms and town halls across 180 countries, there’s no denying the workout has become something of a worldwide phenomenon.

And its reign as the go-to dance-fitness class doesn’t look set to end any time soon.

New research suggests Zumba may be even better for our health than the traditional Latin American dance styles it takes its inspiration from.

The study, conducted by Kingston University and the University of the West of Scotland, suggests Zumba is more effective than salsa in helping inactive women up their fitness.

Check out the full article on Huffington Post.


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