3 Cs for a cheap detox!

Although it'd be nice to spend a week detoxing at a high-level spa, most of us aren't in a position to do that.

However, new research shows that we can detox at home –. Very easily –. Using just the food we eat. The following quote is taken from an article on Natural News…

The good news is that we do in fact have affordable (and painless) options for detoxification which utilize easy-to-find supplements and foods. Clay, cilantro and fermented or cultured edibles are all helpful in gently purifying the body, revitalizing health and encouraging vitality.

As reported in the article “Detox Naturally With Cilantro and Clay,”. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura of the Heart Research Foundation in New York stumbled upon a surprising heavy metal detoxification agent: cilantro. Omura and his colleagues were having very little long-term success using antibiotics and antiviral compounds for recurring infections in their patients —. Symptoms would vanish, only to reappear a few months later.

After investigating further, Omura discovered that deposits of aluminum, mercury and/or lead had localized in certain areas, allowing for bacteria and viruses to multiply in those locations.

I love Cilantro and Cultured food –. I don’t mind adding Clay occasionally.

Read the full article on Natural News.


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