Two weeks to a healthier body…

This is a VERY interesting article on the levels of pesticides etc. on non-organic food. I found the article on the Collective Evolution site, where it describes the research that was carried out by a Swedish supermarket. The article does include a short video where it shows the effects of eating organically for JUST TWO WEEKS!

By this point we are all more than aware of the options we are faced with when shopping for food, especially produce. Mostly because of its higher price point – although the gap is shrinking – the vast majority of us opt away from the organic section to buy conventional. This Swedish family, featured in the video below, is of no exception, as they too have spent their entire lives eating conventionally grown and produced food.

That is until Coop, a Swedish supermarket chain, challenged them to go completely organic for two weeks. This transition was monitored and studied by The Swedish Environmental Research Institute to see firsthand whether or not an organic diet positively impacted the lives of this young family.

See the full article on Collective Evolution.

(Image from the same site.)

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