This is disappointing…

I knew that products that contain up to half a gram of trans fats can be described as “no trans fat” – but it’s disappointing that, yet again, the major food manufacturers take advantage of this to  fool the public. Just stay away from processed foods!

It is not a big secret that the processed food industry thrives on selling people junk foods made from cheap, addictive and often synthetic ingredients. However, a major loophole in the regulatory system has made it easier than ever for junk food manufacturers to also add hidden trans fats to their already unhealthy products, with more than one-quarter of all supermarket foods now ridden with this artery-clogging poison.

A recent analysis of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) comprehensive Food Scores database showed that at least 27 percent of the more than 84,000 foods cataloged by the consumer watchdog group contain artificial trans fats, which are lab-created synthetic fats that clog arteries and cause heart disease.

Read the full article on Natural News (image also from that site).


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