Make your own (DEET-free) insect repellant

DEET exposure can be associated with some nasty side effects. Even if you don’t have a full-blown reaction to DEET, it can’t be doing you any good!

We’re approaching summer bug season in many parts of the northern hemisphere, which in addition to sun and fun means lots of smelly insect repellant wafting through the air. The standard chemical ingredient in many conventional bug sprays is DEET, a neurotoxic chemical that, although it seems to work against annoying critters, is also working against you and your family’s health. But you have a friend in yarrow herb, which just so happens to work better than DEET at repelling insects without causing harmful side effects.

This article, on Natural News gives you a recipe for creating your own Yarrow Herb Insect Repellant.


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