Love them or Loathe them

This is one vegetable that gets a bad press. I LOVE Brussels Sprouts! I do steam them, but usually roast them, grill them, or stir fry with brazil nuts or bacon (or garlic, or balsamic vinegar, or sprinkle parmesan over them, or combinations of these…) – and I eat them raw in salads (just slice and serve). If you’re new to Brussels Sprouts, try slicing them finely and sautéing. This shredded dish is so good that you’ll wonder why you’ve not been eating Brussels Sprouts for years! My mouth is watering just thinking about the possibilities 😉

And of course there are health benefits from this cruciferous vegetable! This article on Natural News talks about the cancer-fighting potential of Brussels Sprouts.

The cruciferous family of vegetables, which contains vegetables like broccoli, kale and cauliflower, get a lot of attention in the media. The health benefits of these veggies are immense. They are full of fiber to help with weight loss and digestion. They are packed with vitamins and minerals to help fill in the gaps in a nutrient-poor diet. And their sulfur-based compounds have been studied extensively due to their apparent ability to help prevent cancer or to even help treat it once the disease has developed. In all this excitement, however, Brussels sprouts somehow get left out. Unlike in England, where these vegetables are extremely popular, Brussels sprouts have a bad rap here in America. This is unfortunate, since when it comes to superfoods, they are one of the great unsung heroes.

For more on Brussels Sprouts, read the full article on Natural News.


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