To me, Magnesium is a wonder mineral. For many years I suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome, which kept me awake for so many nights… By chance, I read about Magnesium, and how almost all of us are deficient in this mineral due to depleted soils and so on. Even though I ate plenty of nuts and seeds, I started to take Magnesium supplements – and my restless legs stopped being restless!! Magnesium is now the one supplement I will not do without. I even use Magnesium oil if my muscles ache after too much exercise.

It is also a necessary mineral if we’re taking certain prescription drugs, but unfortunately, many doctors are not yet on board with the dietary changes that help alleviate any drug-induced symptoms. Dr. Carolyn Dean is THE expert on Magnesium, and has a book called The Magnesium Miracle – you would not believe the impact Magnesium (or lack of) has on our bodies.

And every day I also hear distressing stories about magnesium deficiency. Just today walking along the beach near my home I met an 80-year old gentleman who asked me to sit and talk. Julius said he used to walk up and down the beach like me but now his arthritis prevented him. But he said he only began having symptoms of arthritis after taking medication for slightly elevated cholesterol.

Instead of a diet and magnesium, his doctor immediately put him on a cholesterol-lowering drug. When he began developing pain, which was obviously from the drug, instead of stopping the drug and giving magnesium to lower cholesterol, to help detoxify the drug, and also lessen muscle cramps, his doctor gave him a strong pain medication. And then his ankles began to swell and Julius said his doctor gave him a diuretic!

And so the story goes, one drug causing symptoms that demand another drug. That’s what doctors learn about in medical school: drugs. They don’t learn about diet and nutrients, so it seems that all they know how to do is prescribe drugs. Julius said he was going to tell his doctor to change his cholesterol medication, which, by the way, in several years had only dropped his cholesterol of 205 to 185. I told him to go on a cholesterol-lowering diet and take magnesium. Even though Julius said he was mad about having to take the drugs and he wished he had been given a diet in the first place, Julius said he would have to ask his doctor before taking the magnesium. And my heart sank, because his doctor probably didn’t learn about magnesium supplementation in medical school and would probably say it’s unnecessary.

Read on for some of the conditions caused by Magnesium deficiency…

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