Got a sports injury? Check out steps to recovery


Whether you’re a dedicated athlete, or a weekend warrior, it’s easy to incur an injury. When anything happens, you want to start treatment as quickly as possible and take precautions to rest the injury as much as possible. This is an article from, where he discusses how to recover from common athletic injuries. The article does include a short video (less than 4 minutes). There’s a lot of good information here – and Dr. Axe is a former athlete, so really has tried these!

6 Steps to Recovering from a Running or Athletic Injury

1. Rest the Area

The first thing you want to do is rest the area, at least for 72 hours (which may be hard for you exercise diehards). For example, if you’re looking for ankle sprain remedies, the first thing I tell people to do is immediately rest and continue to elevate the area for at least the next three days. 

2. Do Non-Impactful Exercise

Next, you want to start actually doing exercise that is non-impactful. Typically, the best things to do, especially if you’re a runner, is to start cycling and swimming. With cycling and swimming, you’re still going to be working your lungs and exercising larger muscle groups like your legs, so it’s going to help your body stay in shape at the very same time increasing circulation into that area, helping you heal faster.

So again, if you’re not able to run right now, start swimming and start cycling on a good spin bike or do spin classes (though you may want to avoid the standing position in spin classes, as that could also aggravate that same running injury). That’s the first thing you want to do when you’re overcoming a running injury once that area feels well enough for you to start being active again.

Read on for information about how diet can help you recover…



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