Healing clays help rid the body of toxins (among other things)


Bentonite clay is composed of aged volcanic ash. It is a very fine, greyish-green powder. The thought of eating clay seems strange, but it has been used for hundreds of years to help clear toxins, and is still used today as a common ingredient in detox and cleansing products. It has an alkalizing effect on the body, and may help balance gut bacteria. This article, on HealingDaily.com, describes some of the uses of Bentonite clay.

The idea of eating clay to promote internal healingwill undoubtedly appear to many as farfetched, if not a little primitive.

But natural clay, especially the form known as “bentonite clay”, has not only been used medicinally for hundreds of years by indigenous cultures around the planet, but has, in recent years, been increasingly used by practitioners of alternative medicine as a simple but effective internal cleanser to help in preventing and alleviating various health problems..

The name “bentonite clay” refers to a clay first identified in cretaceous rocks in Fort Benton, Wyoming. Although bentonite deposits can be found throughout the world, many of the largest concentrations of clay are located in the Great Plains area of North America.

Read on for how Bentonite clay works..



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