Sugar: The Art of Camouflage


We all know we should cut back on our sugar consumption – most of the time this is easier said than done. On average, American consumers eat about 3lbs of sugar per week. Image that as 3 x 1lb bags – it’s a lot!!

One of the reasons we eat so much sugar, is that we don’t always know it’s in the food we buy. Manufacturers have a plethora of names to disguise the sugar in their products.

This article, on includes a really nice chart of the 49 most common names for sugar. I recognize some of them, but not all. This is a handy chart to print and keep with you.


The article continues by discussing what we should be eating (organic fruit, grass-fed butter etc.), but it also links to the nutritional differences between sugar, coconut sugar, and honey.

Read on for some of the differences…





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