Do you really need to swear off bacon?


I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been bombarded with reasons not to eat bacon! This is an interesting article, on Holistic Blends, that gives a different perspective. Granted, it does still say that we need to be careful how we buy and then how we cook bacon, but it does give guidelines for keeping bacon as a healthy option for breakfast!!

Is bacon bad for you? (And other fat advice)

Unfortunately many people are completely in the dark when it comes to saturated fats like bacon (and other red meats for that matter), and have come to believe they should be avoided at all cost because they cause heart disease.

Well, that’s not exactly correct.

Let me explain why the belief that bacon is the devil is not accurate, as well as enlighten you about the health benefits of bacon (and other forms of fat too!).

Read on for reasons why bacon can be a healthy food…



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