Benefits of hemp seeds…


Hemp seed has been called the first cultivated crop by humans as it appears in texts from the beginning of recorded history. Hemp seed has no drug content and is purely a health food item. People eat hemp seed for it’s protein, essential fatty acid and fibre content.

I often add hemp seeds to a smoothie, or occasionally a salad, but that’s about all I do with them.

This article, on Healthy-Holistic-Living, provides a good overview of the benefits of hemp seeds.

Hemp Seeds. They’re superfoods. They have everything you could ever want from a seed (move over quinoa!). Hemp seeds are a source of whole protein, contain twenty amino acids (including the 9 our bodies can’t produce and need!), and all the healthy fat you could ever want (Yes. Healthy fat. It exists and it’s delicious). Plus all of the Vitamin E!

Bonus. You can’t be allergic to hemp seeds. Well, okay, not that you can’t – but there are no known records of hemp seed allergies.

Read on for some of the benefits…



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