The benefits of skin brushing


Have you tried skin brushing? It can be very beneficial to your skin – and your general wellbeing. Skin brushing helps remove dead skin and toxins from your skin, but also stimulates the lymphatic system – which also helps with detoxification.

You can get a brush especially for skin brushing – not too stiff that will irritate your skin, but stiff enough that you can feel the effects in a good way!

This article, on Dr Mercola’s web site lists 7 key benefits of skin brushing, and also provides some information on how to do it!

Many people carefully tend to the skin on their face, regularly exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing. But when’s the last time you tended to the skin on the rest of your body?

Your skin is your largest organ, after all, and there is one simple step you can add to your morning routine that can greatly improve its health – dry skin brushing.

I’m not only referring to your skin’s aesthetic appearance, either (although many would agree this is important to). The benefits of dry skin brushing go beyond skin deep, offering whole-body benefits to your health.

Dry Skin Brushing: 7 Key Benefits

Your skin is a complex system made up of nerves, glands, and cell layers that, when healthy, serves as a buffer that helps protect your body from extreme temperatures and chemicals.

It also produces antibacterial substances to protect you from infection and enables your body to produce vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Your skin even contains densely packed nerve cells that act as messengers to your brain, making your skin a crucial part of your interactions with the world around you.

Another crucial role your skin plays is supporting optimal detoxification. But if your skin is overrun with toxins or dead skin cells, it will not be able to eliminate wastes from your body efficiently.

Read on for some of the benefits of skin brushing…



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