Have you tried Kvass?


I do eat and drink quite a lot of fermented foods – but this is one I have not yet tried. I make Kefir, Kombucha, and Kraut – so it’s only a matter of time… I must put this on my list! I do like beets, and appreciate the liver-cleansing properties of this vegetable, but it was news to me that Kvass can be made from sourdough bread.

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If you haven’t seen kvass at the grocery store, chances are you soon will. Already being produced in places like Brooklyn and Pennsylvania, kvass is quickly catching kombucha as the newest hot trend. Why? It’s probably due to its probiotic characteristics, which provide phenomenal health benefits!

Kvass is a traditional fermented beverage having a similar taste to beer. Much like kombucha because of its fermentation process and probiotic content, it is commonly made from stale, sourdough rye bread. While it’s considered a non-alcoholic beverage containing around 0.5 percent to 1.0 percent alcohol, the longer it ferments, the more susceptible it is to becoming more alcoholic.

Kvass is very refreshing and can include delicious flavors from fruits (such as raisins and strawberries) and herbs (such as mint). It typically has a tangy, earthy, salty flavor and can be an acquired taste, though many end up craving it due to the nutritional benefits it offers. In addition to its impressive probiotic content, kvass is considered a tonic for digestion and an excellent thirst quencher.

There are a few types of kvass. Kvass is typically made from high-quality sourdough rye bread. However, kvass can be made from benefit-rich beets or various fruits, especially for those concerned about the grains due to diet restrictions.

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