Make your own antibiotic!


We know that we ingest too many antibiotics, whether it’s from the food we eat, or whether we succumb and go for a prescription when we feel bad. This article, on Healthy-Holistic-Living provides a recipe for making your own.  Just be aware that it takes time to steep – so make it in advance for when you do feel ill!

You are probably well aware of the risks of over using and abusing prescription drugs and more importantly, antibiotics. A growing population of Americans have developed a resistance to the synthetic compounds in conventional synthetic antibiotics which can turn even the most basic of colds into a life threatening infection.

Some say that the fault lies with doctors who all too frequently rely on these “wonder” pills to solve any and all ailments – a temporary and volatile remedy. Others blame the poor practice of pharmaceutical companies looking to produce a low cost pill for high profits with no stringent regulations.

So what do you need for this recipe? Read on…


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