Juices to Help Diabetes


So many people are now diabetic or pre-diabetic! I think it’s generally accepted that Diabetes can be reversed, or at least reduced, by diet and lifestyle changes, but it is a daunting task to completely change your diet and exercise habits. These two juices, on Natural News, are a great starting point. They are easy to make and the fruit in them makes them sweeter than some of the all-vegetable juice suggestions. See what you think…

…while millions of people across the world rely on these drugs to control their diabetes, it turns out that these drugs may actually be doing more harm than good — particularly in adults older than 50.

Diabetes drugs are the preferred option of doctors and patients because — let’s face it — it’s much easier than changing your diet.

People don’t want to give up cookies, cakes, and crackers no matter how much it damages their health — not because they don’t have any willpower, but because that food is as addictive as cocaine and heroine.

However new evidence suggests that it may be more important than ever to break the junk food addiction and stop relying on Big Pharma’s products…

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