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There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning at night. Eventually, you may turn the light on and start reading, but in the back of your mind is always a niggle about “what if I don’t get enough sleep?” “How will I survive tomorrow 🙁 ”

I’ve been in this situation too many times, and lack of sleep can really affect your health.

So I was interested when I came across this article on Live In The Now, that says drinking tart cherry juice can extend your sleep. Definitely worth a try!!

While coffee and tea can help you get through the day, no stimulant can come even close to compensating for the lack of physical and emotional refreshment a good night’s sleep brings. In searching for a solution, you reject pills and potions from the drug store because you know too much about the side effects. The good news is that a study shows drinking tart cherry juice two times a day can give you up to 90 more minutes of sleep at night. This is a significant improvement that you’ll be able to feel.

Tart Cherry Juice Is Beneficial for Insomnia

In recent years, studies show tart cherry juice can be beneficial for sleep, so researchers at Louisiana State University put it to the test. They recruited seven senior adults with insomnia and asked them to consume eight ounces of Montmorency tart cherry juice twice daily over a two-week period. Afterwards the participants had two weeks without juice followed by two weeks of drinking a placebo beverage. The findings showed the tart cherry juice provided an average of 84 more minutes of sleep per night.

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I will be adding this cherry juice to my shopping list for today!

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