Are You Buying Real Honey?


With all the reports of adulterated foods in the press, it’s difficult to know whether what you’re buying is the real deal. Like Honey! It seems that China or India may have had a hand in much of the honey that’s available on the supermarket shelves. Whether the pollen has been removed. The honey has been diluted with fillers, it’s an easy food to alter.

That’s why I love this article from David Wolfe. It gives three simple tests (including a video) to identify if they honey you've bought it real or not. I'll definitely be trying these out on the honey in my pantry!

Did you know there’s such a thing as ‘fake’ honey?

Mind you, the honey in question isn't a complete knockoff like the $50 Rolexes on Canal Street. Rather it’s honey that’s been adulterated, mixed with other elements and sold as the real thing.

If we go back to our Swiss watch analogy, buying this honey would be like buying a Rolex thinking it was 100% genuine only to find that it was fitted with a bunch of aftermarket parts and worth nowhere near the amount you paid for it.

Materials commonly used in fake honey include molasses, sugar syrup, flour and starch. As we’ve reported in the past, over 75% of honey in the U.S. tested by experts was found to be adulterated.

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