Herbs Not Antibiotics!


I love to hear of commercial ventures where the owners have found a way to use all natural products to dispense with drugs. This article, on RealFarmacy.com tells the story of a chicken farmer who has found a great alternative to antiobiotics.

In most large commercial chicken farms, chickens are fed antibiotics to keep them healthy and fight off infections. The drugs are a relatively cheap, widely available method of doing so while keeping profits quite high. But one chicken farm in Pennsylvania does things a little differently and still manages to maintain excellent results. The farm, owned by Scott Sechler, is one of the first to rely solely on a blend of oregano oil and cinnamon for use in the treatment and care of its chickens. In addition to being completely natural, oregano oil provides the chickens with many health benefits, making this particular technique produce a much higher quality of natural chicken in a much more humane way than would be achieved with antibiotics.

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