Great Healthy Brittle!


I do try to eat healthily, and one of my favorite foods is Quinoa. I cook it as a side dish, eat it cold with beans, tomatoes and green onions, or use it instead of pasta in some dishes. But this is the first time I’ve seen it included in a crunchy snack! This recipe from (even the URL makes it sound easy!) is delicious and a must-try. It does include sugar and maple syrup, so if you’re watching your blood sugar you need to be aware of that – but it is soooo good.

This recipe is simple, requiring just 7 ingredients and about 30 minutes to prepare (plus a little extra for cooling).

It’s naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup, calls for coconut oil in place of vegan butter, and is jam-packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like oats, chia seeds, and quinoa! That’s right, there’s protein in this dessert. Does it get any better than that?!

I think you guys are going to LOVE this brittle! It’s:

Naturally sweet
& Addictive

Though I think this would be delicious year round, I made this brittle with the holidays in mind. Can you imagine your friends’ reactions when you bring quinoa brittle to their dinner party?

‘Yeah, that’s right, there’s chia seeds in your dessert. Deal with it!’

But seriously, they’ll fall in love and sneak bites when you’re not looking – guaranteed.

See next page for ingredients…

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