Are your emotions holding you back?

This article is an advert for a documentary. It contains a short video (about 4 minutes) which I think is really worth watching! The article itself includes some good information about managing your emotions. The effect of emotions on your body and health.

Emotions as Energy in Motion

According to Dr. Nelson, when you feel an emotion, what you’re really sensing is the vibration of a particular energy. Similarly, Tolman suggests thinking of emotion as “energy movement.” Each emotion has its own vibratory signature. When intense emotions are felt, they can become trapped in your body, much like a ball of energy. These “balls of energy” can become lodged just about anywhere in your body, where they can then cause disruptions in your body’s energy system, which underlies your physical system much like an invisible matrix. Your body is both biochemical and biophysical. Disruptions in your field of energy will eventually result in physical dysfunction. It’s interesting to note that certain emotions are known to be associated with pain in certain regions of your body, even though science can't give an explanation for why. For example, those suffering from depression will often experience chest pains, even when there’s nothing physically wrong with their heart. Extreme grief can also have a devastating impact—not for nothing is the saying that someone “died from a broken heart.” In the days after losing a loved one, your risk of suffering a heart attack shoots up by 21 times!

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