Are your Kids Wired and Tired…


If your child is irritable and often in a state of high arousal, they could be exhausted – but maybe too agitated to rest and sleep well. This article, on Psychology Today, suggests one of the problems may be the everyday use of electronics. The article does state that restricting electronics may not solve everything, but is an effective tool when looking for solutions.

Children’s brains are much more sensitive to electronics use than most of us realize. In fact, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take much electronic stimulation at all to throw a sensitive and still-developing brain off track. Also, many parents mistakenly believe that interactive screen-time—such as internet or social media use, texting, emailing, and gaming –isn’t harmful, especially when compared to passive screen-time like TV. But in fact, interactive screen-time is more likely to cause sleep, mood, and cognitive issues, because it’s more likely to cause hyperarousal and compulsive use.  

The article also includes six physiological mechanisms that explain elecctonics’ tendency to product mood disturbance. Read on for examples..



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