Avoiding Gluten?


The gluten debate isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Should I avoid gluten? What shall I eat instead? Do I need to avoid gluten?

Whether you're avoiding gluten because you've celiac disease, are intolerant to gluten or its components. Whether you just see it as a healthier alternative, this article, on Food Babe, provides some things to look out of for if you decide to use gluten-free alternatives.

Gluten-free product sales have doubled in the past four years and are now at an estimated $23 billion per year! It’s a huge market. It could lead you down the wrong path. BIG FOOD has figured out how to ride this trend and is creating products left and right – some good, most of them bad. Are you eating any convenient gluten-free replacements for the baked goods that you used to love?? Or are you trying to eat gluten-free to lose weight? If you're gluten sensitive or have celiac disease, I realise you may have to buy a loaf of gluten-free bread or crackers but not all gluten-free products are created equal or healthy! I’ve got tips for you at the end of this post that'll help you keep a gluten-free lifestyle in a healthy way and give you the kick in the pants to get rid of that gluten-free junk food once and for all. But first, let’s do a reality check.

Read on for some of the pitfalls of a gluten free diet…



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