Can You Wean Yourself Off Sugar?


We’re constantly told that sugar is as addictive as hard drugs. How on earth can we cut back on the stuff –. Particularly when it's added to just about every food we buy 🙁

This article, on Collective Evolution, is an article written by Dr. Hyman about how to Detox from Sugar in 10 Days. it's an excerpt from his book (The 10 Day Detox Diet) and includes strategies you should consider to wean yourself off sugar.

Sugar is incredibly addictive. Recent research has determined that sugar is actually as addictive as heroin to the human brain, not to mention the fact that added sugars are very harmful to our health. When you look at diabetes and obesity rates for, you see very quickly our sugar problem has gone out of control. Thankfully, this knowledge is spreading and people are getting off of sugar. Only, it’s a bit harder than you might think. Here’s how you can make that process easier.

1. Make a decision to detox

In my book, there are three simple quizzes to help you learn if you need to detox. If you answer, “yes” to any of these questions, a sugar detox is your ticket to feeling great quickly and losing weight painlessly.

The first is the diabesity quiz.

  • Do you've pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes? (90 percent of Americans haven't been diagnosed.)
  • Do you've belly fat?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you crave sugar and carbs?
  • Do you've trouble losing weight on low-fat diets?
  • Do you've high triglycerides, low HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Been told your blood sugar is “a little high?”

The second is a food addiction quiz.

  • Do you eat when you’re not hungry?
  • Do you experience a food coma after eating?
  • Do you feel bad about your eating habits or avoid certain activities because of your eating?
  • Do you get withdrawal symptoms if you cut down or stop eating sugar or flour?
  • Do you need more and more of same bad foods just to feel good?

The third is the FLC Quiz (or the Toxicity Quiz). FLC stands for Feel Like Crap. FLC Syndrome has a list of symptoms including bloating, gas, reflux, irritable bowel, joint or muscle pain, brain fog, memory or mood problems, sinus or allergy symptoms. More. Millions of us have FLC Syndrome and don’t realise that we're only a few days away from health and happiness.

Read the article on for more of the strategies to give up sugar.

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