Cold? Disinterested? Mean?

If you, or someone you know, suffers from social anxiety, it’s easy for that person to appear cold, disinterested – or even mean! And that isn’t the case at all. Socially anxious people worry so much about what other people are thinking, they censor their conversations and responses “just in case” they offend. Truth be told, almost everyone worries about making a good, first impression – but try telling that to a socially anxious person!!

This is a great little article from Huffington Post that talks about the effects of the author’s social anxiety – and lists 10 common symptoms.

There are many downsides to having social anxiety:

1) I constantly worry about what other people are thinking of me.

2) I second guess most of what I say, causing long pauses in conversations, fumbling over my words, and a generally quiet and shy nature.

3) I get anxious before social events with people I don’t know, occasionally to the point of nausea and headaches. Sometimes it’s a battle just to get myself to leave the house, my mind full of concerns about what might happen, who I might meet, and what I might say or do wrong.

But one of the worst things about having social anxiety is the way that my social anxiety makes me appear to other people. Because social cues and verbal communication are so important in forming new friendships, my anxiety often makes me come off as being cold, disinterested, and even mean.

Do you identify with any of this? Read the full article on Huffington Post.

Image also from the same article, sourced from Getty Images.


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