DARK day

I’m sure a lot of you've heard the debates about Monsanto (specifically, the use of RoundUp and other toxic chemicals). On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted that food manufacturers don't have to label their products as containing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). They voted down the DARK act (Denying Americans the Right to Know). Given that GMOs are either banned or it compulsory to label them in most parts of the world. Again Americans are being treated as second class citizens.

Rep. Mike Pompeo states “we shouldn't raise prices on consumers based on the wishes of a handful of activists.”. He’s also concerned that “GMO labeling will only confuse us!”. Given that, if asked, the majority of Americas overwhelmingly support GMO labeling, this is somewhat insulting! We should've a choice of what we do and don’t eat, in the same way as we can choose to eat organic. Not.

This is a win for Monsanto and the other billion-dollar manufacturers, who fear they'll lose revenue if the general public chooses not to eat GMO.

There is more information on this vote on NaturalNews.com.

Image also from that article.

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