Go Gentle On Your Brain


Whether you work a (more than) full time job or not, you're likely using technology for much of your day. I know that my eyes feel more tired as the day wears on. But as much as we try to walk away, it’s more and more difficult to put down the technology without a conscious effort. But maybe it’s a case of checking the priorities on your time. This article, from Collective Evolution, gives some suggestions for doing your main tasks during your most alert times and planning some down-time into your day.

Instead of living with mental fatigue, it's in everyone’s interest to take an active stand against it. We've conducted extensive research on this topic and reached certain conclusions.

The main way to combat mental fatigue brought on by technology is to determine the kind of work that depletes you the most.

Sometimes this labor will be unavoidable. When you do have options, it’s important to put these tasks aside and prioritize periods of time when you need to optimize your productivity and quality of work.

The next question, then, is: How do you determine which technology-related work drains you the most?

It varies with each person. Includes several other factors such as what time of day you normally do the work, how much exercise you get, how much time you spend out in the sun, etc. To figure it out, try to think about when you feel the most tired.

See if you can determine a pattern throughout your week. Whether or not your fatigue corresponds with certain types of work or technology.

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