Green therapy

It fascinates me how many “old wives tales” or remedies passed down generations are now being considered as valuable treatments. If I got mad or upset when I was little, my grandma used to send me into the garden to “look at something green”! This article on Psychology Today provides some research on being outdoors – or more specifically, being outdoors where it’s green!

To stay focused, we need to give our minds a rest periodically even during a workday. It turns out that natural environments—and even photos of nature—provide a unique kind of rest. They allow you to relax your attention but also keep other parts of your mind engaged, in beneficial ways. As the authors explain in one key study (link is external), they provide “softly fascinating stimulation that captures bottom-up involuntary attention mechanisms.”

Read this article on Psychology Today – it may help your health!

Image from Loveliegreenie on Tumblr..

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