Hidden effect of antibiotics

We’re all told that antibiotics are over-used. When you've a sick child (or feel ill youself), you’re keen to get anything to make us feel better. Unfortunately, antibiotics can destroy the microbiome in our gut. This can lead to other, unwanted effects. This article, in Natural News, shows that overusing antibiotics (and that’s not many courses!) can contribute to weight gain in kids –. Definitely an unwanted side effect.

 Typically, the first thing that happens when people get an infection is their receipt of a quick scrawl on a doctor’s prescription pad for an antibiotic. However, rather than improving health, antibiotics are destroying it. A new study conducted by experts at NYU Langone Medical Centre in Manhattan, New York has shown that they’re seriously jeopardizing children’s health.

Commonly-used antibiotics given to children such as amoxicillin and tylosin (popular in pediatrics) were found to be linked to not one. Several health disruptions. Weight gain, stunted growth and detrimental bacterial changes in the gut were noted by the researchers in tests that mimicked antibiotic use by children. Amoxicillin was primarily associated with slowed bone growth while tylosin had the biggest effect on weight gain. Both antibiotics played a role in changing gut bacteria from its normal environment to one that wreaks havoc on the intestinal tract.

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