Hidden impact of depression…

I think that most of us have had periods of depression at some point in our lives. A lot of people cope, either with exercise or meditation, or by the support of friends and family. Some people find it very difficult to move on with their lives, and have frequent bouts of depression. Research is now showing that repeating bouts of depression can cause changes in your hippocampus. This article, on Dr. Mercola’s site, discusses how depression can affect your brain, and what you can do about it…

That depression can take a toll on your physical health is pretty well-recognized. Recent research has also found that it can actually cause changes in your brain.

Specifically, recurring depressive episodes reduce the size of your hippocampus — an area of your brain involved in forming emotions and memory — stressing the importance of early intervention, especially among teenagers.

Your memory isn’t only restricted to remembering dates and passwords; it also plays an important role in developing and maintaining your sense of self.

When your hippocampus shrinks, it’s not just your rote memory that is affected, behaviors associated with your sense of self are also altered, and a smaller hippocampus equates to a general loss of emotional and behavioral function.

The good news is the damage is likely reversible, but to do that, you have to actually do something about your situation.

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