Keep up with new food trends…

I love trying different food –. When I eat out, I appreciate nicely presented food! But I don’t always take the time to make a nice presentation for myself. I should do! Some of these tips are so easy. Make a difference in how attractive and appetizing food appears.

Whether you’ve been cooking for years or you just learned how to scramble an egg, these guidelines will up your game.

By Lynn Andriani

  • 1. Everything Tastes Better in a Ramekin

Sure, these individually sized ceramic bowls are great for special-occasion dishes like crème brûlée and soufflés (or even bread pudding brûlée). But the cups (most of which hold about 6.8 ounces) are also great for serving up the perfect portion of mac ‘n’. Cheese, plus they can stand a broiler’s high heat. You can crisp bread crumbs and melt additional cheese until it bubbles and browns on top. They’re ideal for mini pot pies and baked eggs, too.

And what about bananas?


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