You probably think of pizza and Italian food when you think of Oregano. But this Mediterranean herb can be used in many dishes. Has many health benefits.

My husband uses Oregano essential oil for just about everything. I find the flavor too strong. I prefer to use fresh Oregano. I also like to use Oregano instead of Basil, on occasions, as a different version of pesto!

This article, on GardenMatter.com provides a nice, short overview of Oregano: growing it, harvesting it. A couple of recipes for cooking with it.

 This spicy and slightly fuzzy leaved herb is very easy to grow, adds great flavor to many dishes. Looks pretty in both the garden and, in flower arrangements.

Growing Oregano

Oregano is native to the Mediterranean and likes hot weather. It’s an herbaceous perennial, which means it dies back to the ground during winter and regrows each spring. Like other Mediterranean herbs, oregano requires lots of sun and well-drained soil. It can be grown from seed but is readily available at local nurseries and since it comes back every year, you might just want to invest in one that's ready to go. There are several varieties to choose from, including some that are very ornamental like Origanum laevigatum or Origanum vulgare ‘Aureum,’ however, if you want to cook with it, stick to one that's labeled “culinary,” like Greek oregano or Italian oregano. In addition, you may have heard of Mexican Oregano, which is actually Plectranthus amboinicus, a cousin to O. vulgare, used in many Latin American dishes.

Read the article on GardenMatter.com for more information.

Image from thekitchn.com – check this link for more uses of Oregano!

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