Pot Pourri


This Christmas blend of pot pourri uses ingredients that most people have on hand at this time of year: cranberries, cinnamon, orange and so on. The article, on The Thrifty Couple, gives ideas for making the pot pourri as a gift (including labels). Also for using your own version in your home.

Time to share another holiday favorite! Many homes love to have the scents of the season floating around the air! I'm no exception. Between my cinnamon, clove, orange and holiday blends essential oils, that I diffuse or place in a pot with simmering water. This lovely recipe – my home smells like a Christmas wonderland (I hope!).

But what's cool about this idea is that it's frugal and a WONDERFUL gift idea. I've received versions of these as gifts from church family, friends, neighbors, etc. and I love it every time I do.

So we wanted to share this classic idea with gift tags for you to gift to others and/or to make for your own home. We’ve shared numerous gift ideas this year (and past years) so hopefully you can gift to others on a dime. Gift some nice things. Another one of my favorites is gifting dinner. A HUGE blessing for the receiver and an affordable option for the giver. So be sure to check that one out too!

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