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There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the benefits (or lack of) of taking statins. This article, from Natural News,┬áprovides information about how aged garlic can help reduce inflammation in the body.

The cholesterol theory of atherosclerotic disease is one of the biggest medical hoaxes of our time, as is the widespread administration of statin drugs as “treatment” for high cholesterol. Published science has verified that lowering cholesterol with statins does absolutely nothing to prevent coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular events, while at the same time increasing users’ risk of dementia and death.

The real problem is a buildup of calcium in the arteries caused not by cholesterol but by systemic inflammation that causes cholesterol to act in ways that are sometimes damaging to the circulatory system. Lowering cholesterol, in other words, targets the symptom of a much greater root cause, which Dr. Jeffrey Dach, M.D., explains can be effectively treated through the consumption of aged garlic.

He recently published a powerful report on the benefits of aged garlic, which has been shown in multiple published studies to reduce coronary calcium buildup and even eliminate it in some cases. It turns out that statins don’t actually do this; instead, they act only to deprive patients of much-needed cholesterol, which is food for the brain, and they can even increase the progression of calcium buildup.

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