Spelt and Chickpeas


This recipe, on The ChalkBoard Mag, bring together some of my favorite foods. The spelled for the tortillas. Chickpea salad. Pickled veggies. A vegan recipe –. Definitely not just for vegans!!

Spelt and chickpeas make for the most nutrient-dense vegan tacos we’ve ever taken a bite of. Fill them up with  your fave fiesta-worthy fillings. Take them up a notch by whipping up this OMG-inducing chickpea salad at home. Here’s our gal Tara Maxey, owner of all the Heirloom LA amazingness…

Spelt is my favorite flour to work with because it's grit to it and a sweet nutty flavor, as well as a high nutritional profile. Making these wholesome tortillas with friends or kiddos is easy and fun because the process is fast and the procedure is much less finicky than most doughs. Once cooked off, these spelled tortillas are pretty versatile. My favorite way to eat them is hot off the grill and drizzled with olive oil and some flavored sea salt.  Serve with chopped avocado and some fresh salsa. Done.

Go the extra distance and make the simple chickpea salad too. it's its own virtues of deliciousness and can be added to green salads or served as a side dish. If you get out to the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, Jimenez Family Farm carries green garbanzo beans, fresh, in their pod, until early-mid September. It’s sold by the bush so you can keep it out as a decorative centerpiece and then shell the beans right around the table. It’s a conversation piece for sure!

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