Start your Saturday off with the right drink!!

Do you know that just looking at a bowl of fresh lemons can lift your mood? Try it! I try to drink lemon juice every morning in anything from 2-4 cups of water. Some mornings the coffee shouts louder. I do feel better when I start with lemon water.

This article on provides information about the nutritional properties of lemon water, plus 13 benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.

Lemon is a common, inexpensive, easily available and most widely used citrus fruit. Its characteristic flavour and refreshing smell make it a popular fruit for drinks. it's used in lemonade, soft drinks, cocktails and tea. It's a long list of benefits. In India, it's used as medicine for many health problems. Thus, lemon is a popular citrus fruit that can be used in various ways. It can be used with other beneficial ingredients like honey, salt, etc. to enhance its benefits.

NutritionalĀ  Properties of Lemon Water:

As we all know, lemonĀ is a good source of vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy and proper functioning of the body. It's low calories (29 cal /100gm), low cholesterol and low saturated fat. Like most citrus fruits, it's a very rich source of vitamin C which is an amazing antioxidant. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin B1 (thiamine) in lesser amounts. Minerals present in lemon include copper, calcium and potassium. Copper possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Calcium is good for bones and teeth while potassium helps maintain PH and water balance.

it's this wide array of beneficial nutrients that makes lemon water and other lemon drinks extremely beneficial for health. So we're going to focus on the various benefits of drinking lemon water and lemon juice.

Read on for some of the benefits…


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