The Art of Bathing!



Just the title of this article conjures up a relaxing experience, surrounded by candles and rose petals…. Rather than the reality of escaping from the family for a few minutes of “me”. Time! But read through this article from Mountain Rose Herbs. It may inspire you to schedule a relaxing break. The article provides lots of options for which herbs or flowers you can use –. It’s likely you've at least one of them to hand. It also provides some suggestions for salts and essential oils to use in the bath. Doesn’t this just transform you…

Whether submerged in a forest-nestled hot spring, floating on the surface of a high mountain lake. Luxuriating in the warm lapping ocean, water is an essential element for physical and emotional wellbeing. Taking time to bathe in the ancient healing power that water offers can be transformative. Sometimes this simple pleasure is the perfect medicine for whatever ails us. The sensuous comfort water provides connects us back to both our bodies and the Earth’s beauty.

Creating an oasis evocative of these experiences isn't far out of reach in our daily lives, and can be done easily at home. Rather than rushing through another quick shower, try lighting a few natural beeswax candles, play some soothing music. Draw a warm bath infused with fragrant oils, relaxing salts. Therapeutic herbs. Making this a regular ritual, even just once a month, can improve your health in many ways. Bathing helps relax tense muscles, opens pores, encourages digestion, softens the skin, assists in detoxification, boosts the immune system. Promotes restful sleep.

Read on for some of the options…


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