Treat Colds and Flu without Drugs


As we head into the colder months of the year, it seems that everywhere we look there is someone sneezing or coughing. Protect yourself at the first sign of a sniffle using natural products, rather than over-the-counter drugs. These natural treatments are very powerful!

This article, on, provides a list of 11 natural treaments for colds and flu.

Health problems are on rise and people are taking care of themselves by applying various types of remedies. Various types of health issues are coming to picture, which are mainly due to microorganisms present in the environment. Problems such as cold and flu are becoming very common due to many reasons. There are various numbers of symptoms related with cold and flu such as sore throat, coughing, congestion and sneezing. Few patients also suffer from fever as well as muscle aches. The problem of cold and flu is mainly seen during climate weather change. There are various methods to get rid of the cold and flu symptoms. It's better to avoid medicines and apply natural treatment in order to get desired kinds of results.

Salt Water Gargling

Gargling is a very common and effective method to get rid of cold and flu symptoms. It'll provide relief to the sore throat and allow properly eating. Put some salt to warm water and use it for gargling. Repeat doing this process for few more times in a day. Repeating the process will also provide relief from congestion problem.

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